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South St. PaulMN WIN A BOX!Sat 7/2610am / 11am Level Up Games
For full details, please check out the facebook link - for more info, click here

Furious Fists Prereleases
Columbia HeightsMN Sealed Booster Sat 8/2Noon-12:30Highlander Games
St. Louis ParkMN Sealed Booster Sun 8/3Noon-12:30Dreamers
St. PaulMN Sealed Booster Sat 8/910am - 10:30 Source Comics
Coon RapidsMN Sealed Booster Sun 8/10Noon-12:30Outpost 2000 & Beyond
Just a reminder that you can prepay for all Prerelease events on our Preregister page

Entry Fee is $30 for Prereleases


South St. PaulMN Sealed BoosterTues Aug 12th6pm / 6:30pm Level Up Games
For full details, please check out the facebook link - for more info, click here


St. PaulMN Constructed Sat 8/1610am - 10:45 Source Comics
Extended format - admission all sections Free
Note from Ray - This will be an Extended tournament. Which means sets from Black and White through Flashfire will be legal for the tournament. As per the new rules on set legality, Furious Fists will NOT be legal for this League Challenge. Again, the format for this League Challenge is Black and White through Flashfire. The following sets will be legal: * Black and White * * BW: Emerging Powers* * BW: Noble Victories * * BW: Next Destinies * * BW: Dark Explorers * * BW: Dragons Exalted * * Dragon Vault * * BW: Boundaries Crossed * * BW: Plasma Storm * * BW: Plasma Freeze * * BW: Plasma Blast * * BW: Legendary Treasures * * X & Y * * XY: Flashfire * Thank you, and we hope to see you there!
For more info check out the event here
Coon RapidsMN Constructed Sun 9/7Noon-12:45Outpost 2000 & Beyond
Standard format - admission Jrs & Srs Free, Masters $5
Note from Ryan - This will be the first League Challenge Tournament where XY Furious Fists will be legal. * Prize structure will be different for the Masters and Jr/Sr age groups. * Masters Prize Structure: Everybody gets 1 Booster Pack, and then 1 Booster Pack for every 2 players into the Prize Pool. Top 4 players will receive their Promo Cards. And the Winner will get one pick out of the Bullados Prize Box. * Juniors and Seniors Prize Structure will include the Top 4 Promo Cards, and the Winner of each Age Group will receive one pick from the Bullados Prize Box. * Hope to see everybody here!
For more info check out the event here

    World Championship Update    

Click here for info on World Championships Aug 15-17th 2014